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Trixbox Default Password
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Trixbox is a very popular Asterisk Based PABX which can be easily configued to home or personal needs,  newbies mostly download the all in one ISO image for trixbox which consists of a skimmed down version of CentOS and installs Trixbox automatically in the default installation procedure

when installed you are promped to login to trixbox using browser at the IP address that you specified during installation or if not than the IP address which was laerned by trixbox via the DHCP server

the default password for the trixbox GUI interface is 'password' whereas the login or default username is 'maint'

Please remmebr the maint/password are the default username/password for the GUI or the browser based admin interface of trixbox,  thereis no default CLI or the Linux shell root password , it is chosen by the user at time of installation.


once logged in using the default password you should change your password to a more secure one otherwise your PABX will be open to abuse .



If the password does not work or if you have some updated information then post here

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